Izzy Ross Art & Markerdude!

An Izzy Ross/Markerdude original!

In an effort to raise funds for her school's annual March Mania fundraiser, March 2020, Izzy Ross is teaming up with her dad, Tony Ross (aka Marker Dude), to create an original art piece to raffle off!

This year, Izzy has set herself a goal of raising $500, so we have a limited number of raffle tickets, and for every donation of $10 to Izzy’s DoJiggy account , you are entered for a chance to win the painting!

The art is acrylic, painted on a 10"x10" wood panel

We'll be posting pictures & video updates as we get closer to finishing the piece.

Izzy Ross: Navy, Green, Light Green

MarkerDude: Red, Orange, Yellow-Orange

Day 1 (work in progress) pic1

Day 1 (work in progress) pic2

Day 1 (work in progress) pic3